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kastorsoft Toolbar 6.15

A toolbar that comes with a lot of preset apps and a very good search engine
6.15.0 (See all)

This is a toolbar for all the major Internet browsers. It comes with a lot of preset apps and a very good search engine. Among the usual apps, like a weather widget and the e-mail notifier, it also has a preset TV app, where you can watch TV channels from around the world.

The search is really easy to use and it comes with some custom filters like news, dictionary, software, among others. It can help you find what you're looking for a lot faster than a standard search engine. It also records your search history for easier access, but you can clear it at any time, which is nice.

Besides the TV app mentioned earlier, the toolbar comes with many more widgets. You can get updates from social networks like Facebook through its dedicated widget; you can test your internet speed and watch the week's Top100 YouTube videos. And you can add as many new apps as you want, through the app market. Basically you'll be able to put any app you want in your toolbar, from small games to sports news. Another nice thing about this toolbar is that you can customize it as you want. If you don't like a certain app, you can disable it from the program's options menu. There you can also add shortcuts from some programs installed on your computer, for easier access.

In conclusion, this tool can really enhance your browsing experience. The only bad thing that I found was that it doesn't update itself automatically, you need to manually check for updates.

Dennis Niels
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  • Very nice preset apps
  • You can add as many apps as you want
  • Good search engine


  • Needs to be updated manually
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